CTC Global Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Mercury Cable & Related Entities

CTC Global Corporation won its patent infringement suit against Mercury Cable & Energy, and related individuals and entities (“Mercury”). The lawsuit was initially filed on March 3, 2009 in the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA SOUTHERN DIVISION (case number SACV 09-cv- 00261 DOC-E).   The Court entered judgment that Mercury infringed […]

Enel to Bid in Mexico Power Auction After Raising $1.35 Billion

Enel Green Power SpA, the renewable-energy unit of Europe’s largest utility, plans to bid in Mexico’s power auction this month after raising $1.35 billion with a deal to sell stakes in eight wind and solar projects in the country in October. “We’ll participate, for sure,” Chief Executive Antonio Cammisecra said in a phone interview. “Mexico is a core […]

High performance transmission conductors are improving grid efficiency

In the electric power transmission business, most of us associate the word “efficiency” with improvements in generation equipment, transformers and demand side appliances. While new more efficient components in many cases are more expensive than the less efficient units they replace, their higher prices have generally been easy to justify due to their reduced operating […]

ACCC Conductor Can Reduce Line Losses and Why Everyone Should Care

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the world consumes over 20 Trillion kWh of electricity every year.  Approximately 7% of all electricity generated is lost in the wires used to deliver power (primarily due to conductor resistance), which results in a loss of 1.4 Trillion kWh every year.  By Dave Bryant The ACCC conductor, which uses a […]

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