ACCC® Cable Features


CTC Global’s ACCC® conductor offers a new level of performance and unprecedented reliability.

There is nothing more important to grid operators than reliability. It is absolutely key and conductor performance is mission critical. Sagging lines can cause sag trip outages, economically devastating blackouts, and jeopardize human life and property. The CTC Global’s ACCC® conductor offers a new level of performance and unprecedented reliability. Longevity is also important. The ACCC conductor’s composite core raises this performance bar as well. The ACCC conductor’s hybrid carbon fiber core is not only resistant to harsh environmental conditions and corrosion, it also resists cyclic load fatigue. In the world of conductors everything is cyclic including tension, temperature, vibration and stress. These are just a few reasons why carbon fiber composite materials are finding their way into other highly demanding applications. Boeing, for instance, designed the 787 Dreamliner using carbon fiber technology not only to improve efficiency and performance, but also to extend the airframe’s service life as carbon fiber is highly resistant to cyclic load fatigue.

In 2003, following a series of events that included inaccurate telemetry data, computer glitches and reboot failures the electric power grid in the northeast United States and Canada experienced a widespread blackout caused by a series of conductor sag-trip outages. CTC Global’s ACCC conductor would have certainly prevented or substantially minimized this event as CTC Global’s high-capacity, low-sag ACCC conductor does not sag under extremely heavily loaded conditions. The ability of CTC Global’s ACCC conductor to carry twice the current (or more) compared to conventional steel reinforced conductors is well suited to improving grid reliability – especially during periods of high electrical demand and during weather event conditions.

When improving grid reliability is your challenge, look no further than CTC Global’s ACCC conductor. It offers improved reliability and much, much more.