ACCC® Cable Features


The ACCC High Performance conductor was designed to Increase transmission line capacity, allowing it to transport twice the current than conventional aluminum steel reinforced conductors with comparable diameter. While the classic AAC, AAAC and ACSR conductors are limited to an operating temperature of 90°C the ACCC conductor can operate up to 180°C. This capacity advantange that the ACCC conductor offers  is because of its patented carbon fiber composite core which offers higher strength per weight ratio than that of steel core. The ACCC conductor can also mitigate thermal sag due to its core with a 90% lower thermal expansion coefficient compared to a steel core. These characteristics make the ACCC conductor ideal for increasing capacity in transmission lines and sub-transmission lines without replacing or reinforcing the existing structures.

Added line capacity offers several advantages. The ability to use CTC Global’s ACCC conductor can, in some cases, mitigate the need to build additional transmission lines. Added capacity can also reduce grid congestion. Grid congestion can substantially drive up wholesale and retail electrical costs and prevent access to the cleanest source of generation. The added capacity offered by CTC Global’s ACCC conductor can also improve grid reliability and prevent very costly power outages. For instance, should an adjacent power line go out of service for planned or unplanned reasons, CTC Global’s ACCC conductor can handle the extra load to make sure that the power needed is delivered.

As climate change continues to increase the frequency and severity of weather related events, the added capacity offered by CTC Global’s ACCC conductor is more important than ever to prevent outages and the extreme economic impact. Delivering clean, efficient, affordable and reliable energy is what drove CTC Global to develop, test and commercialize the ACCC conductor.  Without it, we can’t pump water to grow crops, manufacture products to compete in a growing global economy or improve the quality of life for millions of people. When you need added capacity, think ACCC conductor.